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Everyday Mindfulness

Mindfulness practices that work both on and off the cushion to bring more clarity and ease into your life.

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My approach to mindfulness

Mindfulness shouldn’t be complicated. It isn’t some esoteric practice that needs to involve incense, crystals, or even a special cushion (though it can). It is the simple practice of noticing what you notice at any given moment, with a sense of genuine curiosity and kindness.


Let’s take this moment for example. What are you aware of? Can you notice the voice inside your head as you read this or the sounds in your environment? Can you see how with just a simple invitation, you can gently turn on the light of awareness? Built into who we are, is our innate ability to be aware and I am here to help you strengthen this beautiful quality of mind so that you can understand yourself better and make more skillful choices in your life. 

Why practice mindfulness?

Reduce Anxiety, Depression, & Stress


While mindfulness is not a cure-all, ​hundreds of studies have 

found that it strengthens our ability to inhibit negative emotions and thoughts that typically lead to increased anxiety, depression & stress

Regulate Emotions 


Emotions can overcome even the best of us.

A regular mindfulness practice fosters emotional balance by teaching us how to direct our attention away from unhelpful mind states and observe  our thoughts and feelings without emotional reactivity

Improve Cognitive Abilities 


Day dreaming about the weekend when you're supposed to be finishing that project?

Mindfulness can sharpen our focus by reducing how much our mind wanders. It can also boost our working memory and improve our ability to solve problems

Increase compassion
& positive emotions
Enhance Sleep 


Tired of counting sheep?

Mindfulness and meditation can help us fall asleep with ease by activating our body's relaxation response and reducing how much we plan or ruminate before snoozing off! 


The state of world can feel heavy at times. People we love can be going through a challenging time in their lives. How do we keep our hearts open to the suffering of others? 


Mindfulness can enhance our ability to empathize with less personal discomfort and can increase our willingness to take action

Plants Home Decor
I now am able to be present in everyday moments and not simply rush things through my routines.  Mindfulness has allowed me to look at the world a little brighter. Sana is a warm teacher who makes the space incredibly welcoming.

Priya- Undergraduate student,  21


Sana Karimi
Mindfulness Teacher

Undergraduate Advisor, UCSB

I'm passionate about teaching mindfulness that is accessible, down-to-earth, & fun. Beyond teaching mindfulness, you can find me writing, kickboxing, and lingering at local cafes. 

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"Mindfulness is a way of befriending ourselves and our experience"

 Jon Kabat-Zinn
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